Ten Years of SKA
Band biography from
promo kit - 5/99

     The INVADERS are a six piece high energy,
turbo charged SKA band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Originally formed by lead vocalist Kevin "Max"
Wisniewski, the group is now celebrating a ten
year anniversary in Ska music dating back to 1989.
The INVADERS gained attention in 1992 when the song
"Such A Jerk" appeared on a vinyl compilation album
titled "Ska Takes the Great Lakes" with album
artwork done by Max.  Next they released a second self
supported cassette "Brewtown Ska; We've come for 
your beer", following up on 1991's "Skank Tank".
Popularity really took off in 1994 with their 7" 
vinyl release "G-Man".  They furthered it's success
with their first CD effort, a double disk package of
26 songs, the Invaders LIVE! in 1995.  This release
sold out at 1,000 copies.  In 1996 the boys signed on 
with ELEVATOR MUSIC, an independant label based in
New Haven, Connecticut.  This union produced the band's
first studio recorded CD release, "ALL THAT's NORMAL
TURNS TO CHAOS".  14 songs and 3,000 copies later, 
it still sells well.  The INVADERS supported the CD
with three seperate tours of the Northeast coast, 
and playing the midwest continuously.
     Live on stage is where the band is in their
element.  The shows are energy packed and leave 
concert crowds exhausted and soaked.  The INVADERS 
third wave SKA is a mix they proudly call Brewtown Ska.
They have been touted as Milwaukee's masters of the
style, having been at it longer than any other Ska group
in the region.  In 1996 the band was voted Best in 
Milwaukee by the readers of the Shepard Express newspaper
during their Best of Milwaukee readers poll.  In 1997, 
1998 theband was nominated for a W.A.M.I. (Wisconsin Area
Musicians Industry) award for the best SKA group in 
Wisconsin.  This year, the band was nominated once 
again and has WON the prestigious regional version of
the Gramy's.  The INVADERS have shared the stage 
with many notable bands who are widely acclaimed or are
masters in the SKA style, including the SKATALITES, the
and MUSTARD PLUG just to name a few!
     Plans were to continue to head out in new regions
to gain even more fans, popularity and possibly a
record deal.  But after ten years, member changes again
plaguing the group, and difficulties with scheduling, it
was decided to scale back and take a more casual approach.
Because of this, Max re-entered the line up on lead vocals, 
after the band did a short stint with Paul McKinney at
the helm.  Now fans can experience once again, the original
sound and experience of the Invaders.  A new website is 
planed soon with easier access and more graphics
at www.skaville.com/invaders.  Also included will be 
personal biographies and current statuses.  Plans are to
find an interested label in releasing a new Invader 
anthology featuring rare vintage tracks, singles and 
previously unreleased songs.  the title of this CD being
"Diary of a Ska Band".  It will possibly contain a 
bonus disk containing the Invaders performing their 
popular cover tracks of vintage Ska hits!  The band would 
also love to get back in the studio and record the new
material, (some that has been performed on stage now for
two years) and put out a new studio CD.

     See why, all over the globe, thousands and thousands
of fans rave about the Brewtown Sound of the INVADERS.
Check them out on your stereo or at the website soon!
Or better still, Check them out in concert!  Cheers and peace.

Invader Ska!