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I want to give a giant thanks to those who have send me stories. I have a couple of my own here. I feel it's tacky for half the submissions on this to be from me but until more people send stuff, I'll use whatever I can. I want this section to be a place for fans to pay their own respects to the band. My hope would be that the band would eventually find the path to this page and see how much they were appreciated by the Milwaukee ska scene. That being said, if you have your own Invaders story, or just feel you have something to say to the band:

3/18/99 John C.

It was a rather cold day in March, March 19th to be exact and I went to see the invaders at their last show at the globe east (for now). I was kinda mad that the show was in March because of the NCAA tournament, but what are you going to do? Coming into the place I knew that this would be a great show. No opening band, no nothing, just two sets from the invaders. It was funny because Max and I were the only ones in suits... I just put that in to show that ska is NOT posh anymore and that you have to support your local shows...... Anyway the show started at around 7 and I was pumped. They started out as always(at least for the shows I've seen), with Max putting a big flame into the air and them playing "Ska Guitar", then cruised through many classic invaders tunes and also did a cover of "Train to Skaville". Then, in the second set they played, at the end, my two favorite invaders tunes; "Brewtown Ska" and "Such a Jerk" To sum up the night, I had a great time and I'm very glad that I didn't stay home to watch the NCAA tournement.

Summer 1998 Anya Milhans and Molly Powell

This was the concert everyone wishes they had been at. The Invaders played during the afternoon one weekend at the Washington Park Bandshell. We must have been the only people to check out the Invaders webpage that summer because the group of us more than doubled the crowd when we arrived. Other than random park goers, the audience never made it over 10. Despite the (very) small fan support, the band gave us an extra long show. The heat was incredible so there were a few much needed breaks but the band showed amazing stamina. Poor Max, the stage was set too far away from the floor for his silly string to work. He had to toss it to us for it to get any use. Highlights to this (almost) private show were Paul McKinney coming up to sing Scootering and Max singing Pressure Drop in the "crowd". There were so few people that when he sung the chorus "You & you & you..." he could actually point at every single one of us. I think this was the show that made the me realize the band's dedication to their fans. I had always been a person who skanked away in the back of the Globe, happy to go unnoticed. Since this show, I have made an effort to chat with the guys. I have meet a number of ska bands in the past year working the Whole in Minneapolis. None of them compare to the off stage presence of the Invaders. (written by Molly)

Late 1997 Jon Druin

I have a story with a funny/romantic overtone:
At a show about a year and a half ago at the Globe east the Invaders burned the place up with a crackling set. I was there with some friends and a new girlfriend, we were all having a good time. About halfway through the set some rude boys started a brawl and our group tried to avoid the fists and flesh flying. The rudies eventually got out the door and the place settled back into the groove, thats when I decided to lighten the mood a bit. I grabbed a large plastic tub (the type used to sell cans of beer at a temporary bar) and dragged it up to the stage. I got in the tub and did my version of the "drunken man taking a bath skank". The band and the crowd reacted positively, but my only lingering worry was "what will my new girlfriend think of this display?". That question was answered rather quickly when she came up and climbed in with me! Needless to say, thats when I knew she was the one for me.
Of all my invaders memories that has to be number one!

12/27/96 Bryan Schmidt

Ok... I'll help you with a wacky story about when my old band "Skadatel" played with the Invaders... it was Dec 27th 1996 ... at the Globe East... We were sitting downstairs in the Band Room ... and all of a sudden Max had taken off everything but his RED thong with a little bell on it ... and said "It's the only thing I have that'll match the Santa Suit" ... That was a wierd night... BTW... It was the X-Mas show...

9/6/96 Molly Powell

This show was billed as a Fan Appreciation Beach Party. Kids were supposed to get in free if they wore a swimsuit. I don't remember anyone actually doing that but maybe people did at the drinking show. This was probably my favorite show at the Globe East. It had the perfect crowd size, discounted merchandise, no opening band, and if my memory serves me, free soda. While I can't remember the music too well, I do remember the energy. This was the first show I had the guts to skank at. (yeah yeah yeah... I am a percussionist yet I have NO rhythm skills...) Multiple beach balls were tossed around during the show. The crowd was just the right size for this to work. I picked up the All Thats Normal Turns To Chaos tape for real cheap & could still feel the music in me for hours after the show.

Early Joel Kuester

My personal memories: I have been into ska music since 1989 and the Invaders played at one of the very first ska shows I saw live. Back then, the Pacers and the Invaders were the 2 big ska bands in town but there was a big rivalry. The Pacers wouldn't play at shows the Invaders played at but the Invaders were always good guys about it and never bad-mouthed the Pacers for it. The very first time I heard the Invaders was from a tape my friend had called Skank Tank. It was only ok but it was enough to make me want to see them play live. Most of the people who liked ska at that time loved the Pacers because they played shows with big out-of-town bands, like Bosstones and Gangster Fun and such... so most people hadn't heard the Invaders live... and since the Pacers bad-mouthed them, eveyone assumed they sucked. It's funny today to think back on it now, that the Invaders are known as the best Milwaukee ska band, but no one liked them in the early 90's. I never judge a band on other people's opinions alone, so I went to see them play. Well, after I saw their show with Johnny Socko and Highball Holiday (Highball's first live show) I noticed they had a newer tape for sale and promptly picked it up (Bretown Ska) and after I played it for the Pacers fan friends I had, they finally stopped ripping on the Invaders. In the years since then, I have even caught a few of them in the crowds of Invader's shows a couple of times. Max was always very happy to try and get my friends and me into 21+ shows back when they didn't play many all-ages shows. Sometimes it didn't work, but he always tried! In fact, I have met a lot of bands over the years but The Invaders will always stand out as one of the friendliest. Especially Max and Beth; they always seem to be so happy at shows they lighten up the whole crowd's attitude. I have so many memories about the Invaders, but none of them are earth-shattering or anything... mostly just hanging out before and after shows and talking music... I hope they stay together for many more years, even if they only play once in a while.

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