Invaders Win 1999 WAMI Award!
Press release from the
Invaders promo kit- 4/20/99

     On Monday night, April 20th, 1999 the Invaders won the 
prestigious Wisconsin Area Musicians Industry (WAMI)
award.  They were selected by public vote as Wisconsin's
BEST in the SKA category.  This was also the Invaders
3rd nomination in the past three years.  In 1996 they
also won was best band in the readers choice awards 
from the weekly newspaper Shepard Express.
     The award comes just as the band announced it was
disbanding at their 10 year anniversary mark.  Kevin "Max"
Wisniewski, frontman for the band, was exhuberant upon the
announcement of the win during the award ceremonies at 
the Rave in Milwaukee.  Of the fifty presentations, the 
Invaders received the loudest applause and cheers of the
evening.  Max thanked the WAMI board for the nomination, 
and the fans for the landslide victory.  Stated Max, 
"It's and honor to be recognized by both my peers and the
public after so-many years of hard work and a lot of fun.
But it's a bit bittersweet as we're disbanding." To which
the crowd sounded their disapproval.  Then, Max thanked 
his wife, Beth and leaped off the front of the stage, 
much to the suprise of presenter, Milwaukee's news channel
12 Anchorwoman Kathy Mykelby, who claimed to the house, 
"Now that's the way to receive a WAMI award!"  Other 
members of the band were not present, but came to the club 
after hearing of the win.

Invader Ska!