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So, you've all been sitting around wondering "Gee, what CDs can I find the Invader's Brewtown sound on?". Well, I think I finally have the complete discography up. With Max's help the gaps have been filled in. Click on the link for each album to see the album's cover or atleast go to the label that distributed it. And yes, I was caught. The Mission Coffee House comp hasn't been released yet. I posted it knowing it probably wasn't out yet. So uh, yeah... you heard it here first... Anyways, please notify me if you can scan the cover of any albums I am missing photos for.

Skank Tank
This was a 12 song cassette from 1991
Don't ask my why they named it that...

Brewtown Ska, We've come for your beer
The Milwaukee Public Library used to have
this on file. Some punk stole it long before
I could. Its a 14 song cassette from 1993.

A white 7" from 1994. It has "G-Man", "Parking
Violation", and "Leaps & Bounds".

This is the oldest tape you can still buy. As the
title says, its an extra long live album recorded at the
Globe East. It was released in 1995.

All That's Normal Turns To Chaos
A great studio album from 1996 that is still available
on tape & cd. It was released on Elevator Records.

Ska Takes the Great Lakes
This was the Invaders first comp appearance.
"Such A Jerk" appeared on this 1992 vinyl comp
from Debussy.

American Skathic, Vol. 1
"Feel Like I Should" Appeared on this great
1993 midwest comp. Go here for
Jump Up's Skathic info.

We Don't Skare
"Ska Guitar" shows up on this French comp from 1994.

This 2-disc 1994 comp by Moon Ska
showcases "Scootering".

American Skathic, Vol. 2
"G-Man" shows up on the second of this series
from 1995. Find out more info on the album by
going here.

Skanarchy II
This is the comp that got the Invaders connected
with Elevator in 1995. It has "Try To See" on it.

Ska, Cover To Cover
In 1995 Bob Records released "Iko Iko" on this comp.

Rude Vibrations
Released in the UK, the '96 version of "Such
A Jerk" can be found on this album.

No More Heroes
The band contributes a song called "Peaches"
on this 1998 tribute to the Stranglers.
Try here for more info on the Elevator release.

The Right Side of the Tracks
This midwest comp from Afterburn records
contains "Ska Fever". Check out Afterburn's info
page on the album here.

Best of the Mission Coffee House
I want to say this cafe is located in Stevens
Point, WI. Where ever it is, "Invader Ska" shows
up on this 1999 release.

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