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Okay, so I really haven't been able to add to this section since I started it. That will very soon be made up for. Thanks to help from Mike Barse, I was able to record the State Fair performance. Once Mike gets the CD to me, I will add select mp3s. If anyone has a specific song they would like to see up here, give me an e-mail. I will make sure to include the file if the band played it that night. Personally, I am looking forward to the show's closer, "Pressure Drop" the most. When you try to play the mp3s, you should right click the link & save it that way. My copy of the Live album is a tape so it'd be nice if someone who owned the cd could volunteer an mp3 or two off of that. If so, you know the drill:

Summerfest '98
Real Audio file of the *entire* concert!
Summerfest '98 Video
Real Video file of Brewtown Ska

***Featured MP3***
Invader Ska from ATNTTC.

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