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So, I suppose I should actually explain who the Invaders are, huh? Formed in 1989, the Invaders have torn up the Milwaukee ska scene for 10 years. They were around before there was a heavy 3rd wave scene. Where was I in '89? Busy being a 3rd grader. Okay, so I wasn't cool enough to go to shows back then, where were *you*? Six years later, I was introduced to the wonderful Brewtown sound. Here is what I can piece together for member info since then. The parenthesis after each bio indicate which albums the person has played on. I've added the band's bio from their promo kit so check that out. Do you know something I don't?

Official Biography

Current Line-Up

Max:Vocals, Percussion
He's the only original member left. Max's stage presence
includes fire, Silly String, & a Fez; a dangerous
combination. I once had a dream he was a muppet.

Stale:Horns, Keyboard
Stale came in as a horn player but can fill-in for just
about anything. His intimidating appearance & combat boots
come in handy when he sings on the harder Invaders tunes.

Woody completes the Invaders horn section. He can
belt out the solid ska choruses with the best of them.
He used to work at Koppa's with my friend so he must rule.

Skippy keeps the ska beat strong. It's amazing he hasn't
passed out from the heat created at the Globe East shows.

The music wouldn't be ska without the infectious upbeats
of the guitar. Pipewrench originally played keyboards on the
Live! album but has easily moved to guitar.

Soda Pop:Bass
Okay, so the band calls him Soda Pop, I've always just
called him Invader Ben. Take your pick. He joined the band
in '97, but was always visible working the Globe East.

Previous Members

Paul McKinney:Guitar
This guy left the band sometime after ATNTTC was released. Those
few that saw the band play the Washington Park Bandshell last summer
got a special treat of Paul comming up to sing "Scootering".

Moises LaBron:Bass
Moises rocked the world on bass until 1997. I hope he
doesn't hate me for pasting Ben's face over his on the imagemap.
No disrespect intended!

Keith Matejka:Trombone
When did he join? Sometime after Live! came out in '95.
When did he leave? Sometime after '96. Sorry I don't know much
about him!

Special Guests

King Mustaffa:Trombone
This guy seems to be a regular for when the Invaders
enter the studio.

Shahanna McKinney:Vocals
Shahanna sings on "Johnny Too Bad". Check her out also
as the lead singer of Moon Ska Satellite band Highball Holiday.

Dean "the Chopper":Rythym Guitar

Adam "AC" Terry:Keyboards
Adam played every once in a while during the summer and
fall of 1997. He went on to found G-13.

Melanie "Mel" Howell:Saxophone/Fluter
Mel has appeared randomly since 1997. She is a founding
member of the Madison band the Anklebiters.

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