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Check out the official Invaders web page. I also have some links here to various Milwaukee/Wisconsin ska sites plus a few others I have deemed worthy. The Skaville page is very nice for finding other people from your area who are into the music. I am suprised at the number of people who have contacted me because of my profile on there (Look me up as SkaQueen). I recommend the Flipsyde link. They are a Minneapolis ska band I have been very impressed with. They even won a chance to play at the Chicago Warped Tour date. If you have a site that would fit in on this page let me know. I am open to banner exchanges so e-mail me if you would like my banner graphic. I prefer to place only bannered links on this site, generally sized 400X60. If needed I can create one for you.

Official Invaders Page

Invaders Message Board on iMusic

Another small Invaders page

Milwaukee Skank Pit

Wisconsin Ska 'n Punk Page

the Wiskansin Homepage

the Oakwoods

Liquid Schwartz


Rhetoric Fanzine



Anti-Racist Action


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