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Check out the articles I have up here. Most are direct links to the original location of the interviews. I hope that doesn't get me in trouble for anything but I'd rather do that than ripoff the text. Atleast this way the original person gets their props. I got some very nice responses to the questions I mailed Max. I strongly suggest giving the interview a looksie. Also added is the band's press release for their '99 WAMI win. It really wasn't any fun but I finally html-ed the promised radio interview. Don't hate me if parts don't make sense. I really think transcribing that was the most annoying thing I've ever done for a webpage. If you know of any interviews that exist out there on the internet, or happen to have one from a zine, let me know & maybe we can get it up here. If you have stuff:

Exclusive Interview
Interview with Max, done via snail mail 7/99.
Found only on this site!
WAMI Announcement
This is the band's account of the WAMI Awards
night, from their 5/99 promo kit.
Radio K Interview
An on-air interview with Max, Stale, and Skippy
from Minneapolis. It aired on 4/17/99.
Skaville Interview
A nice interview with Max from '96 I think.
Sheperd Express
An article outlining the trend of Milwaukee
ska with a focus on the Invaders.
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Another article on ska in Milwaukee, from
Max's ska picks
A list from the 5/14/96 Journal article
of must-have ska albums. Written by Max.

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